Seed Faith Ministries

Seed Faith Ministries

P.O. Box 33201 Kampala

Telephone: 0772 320535


Seed Faith Ministries works on several projects, in multiple areas throughout the country as well as having projects with different core subjects. The main projects of Seed Faith Ministries are:

  1. Creating housing for orphans.
  2. Feeding the orphans, vulnerable children, and people in need.
  3. Creating sufficient health facilities available to all people.
  4. Offer orphans and vulnerable children a chance to receive proper education.
  5. Develop new projects that will support the community, orphans and vulnerable children.
  6. Build schools to ensure the facilities are available for proper education.
  7. Assist in the fight against HIV/AIDS.


The Seed Faith Ministries will operate country wide, and will be based in Kampala, Uganda.


Every year there are several projects the Seed Faith Ministries are working on, some of the developed projects are:

  • New Life Children’s Center Location: Namutamba Mityana District: Some of the construction work the Seed Faith Ministries have done here include: adding side walks, create a 3 stance flag pole, built retaining walls to stop soil erosion, new mattresses have been purchased, adding new game equipment and the hiring of professional guards, and building a simple guard house.
  • Rodie Clinic: The children’s ward has been furnished with 2 hospital baby beds, 7 children’s hospital beds, 3 adult hospital beds, 10 bedside stands, 3 IV stands, 3 divider screens, bed sheets and blankets. Window treatment has been done to the screens and frames. A comprehensive nurse has been added to the staff, and a training has been given to the staff on proper cleaning standards. Dental care is still an important issue that will need to added to the hospital. A propane refrigerator has proven to be important to be able to start immunizing.
  • NLCC Farm: More land has been cleared to expand the crops. The cows have been reproducing sufficiently, and new pig pens have been constructed. The pineapple crop has been expanded and the matooka plants have increased in quality.
  • Bible School: Pay and travel allowance are now payed to the teachers, and more classes are getting ready for graduation. For the Bible School, moving forward is key to streamline the program and to better help the students.
  • Promised Land of Overcomers Church Canaan Mityana District: Again, the key is to move forward and learn to be more efficient and productive into becoming self sufficient.
  • New Life Church Location Lubembe Mipigi District: Training of the Pastor to produce more and better crops has been achieved. Crops are growing, and a house is being built for the Pastor and his family.
  • Oasis of Love Church Location Kito: Funds have been donated by the members which allowed a concrete floor to be placed. The land has been leveled and the church has actually become self supporting. A proper toilet and a well are also in place.

Please note: The information about Seed Faith Ministries is not fully up to date yet, so more updates will follow. In the meantime, for more information please contact Seed Faith Ministries through Phone or regular Mail.

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