Uganda Adventist Women’s Organization (UAWO)


Adventist Centre Kampala

P.O. Box 6434, Kampala

Telephone: 0414 542455


UAWO Organizational Profile

Brief History

UAWO is a membership organization which was founded in 1980 by a few pioneer Adventist women with the aim of strengthening evangelism errands; carry on the social-economic development and creating an enabling environment for the development of talents. UAWO was first registered as a CBO, and it has received an NGO status many years ago.


The vision of UAWO is to create a model Women’s Organization offering multi-spectral development for all its members.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of UAWO is “To empower women economically, socially and spiritually through training, nurturing and counseling in order to enable these women to merge out of vulnerable situations.


The purpose of UAWO is to bring on board all Adventist women, affiliate people and bodies for collective and harmonious access to global opportunities that are focused on women.

Objectives of UAWO

  1. 1. Participate in all activities to be able to spread the “Good News”/ Evangelism.
  2. Lobby and advocate for issues impacting women and their house holds.
  3. Conduct capacity building seminars and workshops to empower women and their house holds to create an improved quality of life.
  4. Carry out the Agency role of providing for the needs of vulnerable people, especially women and children.

Values of UAWO

  • Empowering women without conflict of interest with the Seventh Day Adventist Church its beliefs and principles
  • Participation of individuals by unbiased inputs towards the development agenda.
  • Non discrimination among members on basis of cultural background, age and socio-economic status, knowing that we are all created in the image of God.
  • Observe all round dignity, and aim at reaching a high degree of dignity by practicing transparency and mutual trust.
  • Team work in a decentralized model.

Membership of UAWO

All Adventist females above the age of 18 will become a member after paying the membership fees of shs. 10,000 annually.

Associate member Adventist men and non Adventist people or organizations after expressing their wish to the committee and are voted as a member are to pay shs. 50,000 annually.


UAWO has particpated successfully in the following endeavors:

  1. Evangelism: Since 1986 UAWO  has held more than 20 evangelical crusades in all parts of Uganda, such as: Gulu, Central Region, Hoima and Kiboga. Many people received counceling and attained spiritual resilience.
  2. Education and Training: UAWO effectively implemented the Adult Literacy Project between 2000 and 2005 in seven Districts: Masaka, Rakai, Ssembabule, Mukono, Kampala, Wakiso, and Jinja. Over 3900 women acquired literacy and functional skills, this project was funded by SIDA, through ADRA-Uganda.
  3. HIV and AIDS mitigation: UAWO has participated in a globally funded project during 2004 in the Districts of Wakiso and Kampala.
  4. Micro-finance: UWAO has participated in a social economic micro-finance project to create viable income for women.
  5. Education: UAWO has participated in advocating for education of Girl child in conjunction with the Kingdom of Buganda. To this day, UAWO is a member of the organization NAWOU.
  6. Land ownership and long term programs: In 2009, UAWO acquired a 6 acre Title Deed plot which has expanded to about 7 acres in 2012, through the purchasing of 1 acre of adjacent land. This land is at the Gayaza Nekoyedde Namaliga Parish, in Kimenyedde Sub County in the Mukono District. In January 2013 UAWO started a ground opening campaign at the site with over 30 female volunteers. These women participated in a 3 week skills training workshop, and through community reconnaissance and diagnosis, these women came up with the concept of “A Pioneer Rural Women’s Polytechnic”. Notable as this event’s land marks, is the Bulungi Bwansi road where UAWO contributed 3 culverts and the physical energy to make the route near Sheik Kiyega’s residence passable. Also, on this site a two roomed unit was constructed which today acts and an office and living residence for resident supporting staff.

Current Activities

Currently, UAWO has just launched the calf-in heifer project. This project is still in its pioneering phase and UAWO wants to expand this project further in the near future. The project is called: The Mukono Elderly and Orphans/Vulnerable Children Heifer Project. More information about this project can be found in the post about the actual launch of the project.


For more information about UAWO, please do not hesitate to contact the organization at the e-mail address stated above, or the Mukono NGO Forum at

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