Mukono District NGO Forum Profile


Upon realizing that NGOs operating in Mukono District have no streamlined collaborativearrangements, also conscious that NGOs and Government play a complementary role incausing and ensuring Sustainable Development and aware that the role of NGOs is increasinglybeing recognized. Member organizations therefore that gathered in Aug. 1998 to form anorganization that shall be referred to as Mukono District Non Governmental Organization Forum(MUDINFO) for the fulfillment of their desire for close Partnership, Collaboration, Networkingand Regulation. MUDINFO networks NGOs and CBOs under the civil society [CSOs] umbrellain Mukono District engaged in service delivery and policy dialogue. It was formed after a seriesof consultations and interfaces among the NGOs, Donors and other development Partners in1998.

Vision Statement

A united and Productive Civil Society Network in Mukono District for Sustainable Development of Marginalized Communities.

Mission Statement

To build and enhance networking mechanism of Civil Society Organizations in Mukono District through Advocacy, Lobbying, Capacity building and Partnership Development for effective service delivery for poverty eradication


Provide capacity to deliver amongst its member organizations in areas of policy advocacy, lobbying, resource mobilization, good governance and democracy, project planning and financial management skills.

Promoting information sharing and other resources amongst all stake holders.

To mobilize members and strengthen their collaboration for effective service delivery and advocacy delivery.

To solicit resources for institutional capacity development and organizational support.

To establish collaboration between the private sector for profit, Government and other development players and partners for effective service delivery.

To develop monitoring and evaluation strategies for public and other development programs.


The Mukono District NGO Forum was conceived by member CSO in Mukono to handle four (4) core areas of increased concern namely:

  • Policy Dialogue and Advocacy: Increased policy dialogue amongst all NGOs in Mukono District on the one hand, and with Government and Donor agencies on the other, In order to provide for increased contribution in policy conception, formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation by the NGO sector.
  • Networking and coordination: Develop a greater level for networking, coordination and dialogue with the NGO sector, District wide and Nation wide that would facilitate collective concerns/ positions for positive action on key issues.
  • Information Exchange: Establish an enhanced information exchange and communication system among NGOs at various levels in order to facilitate improved service delivery and optimal development for Mukono District and the Nation at large.
  • Quality assurance and efficiency mechanism: The delivery of services to deserving communities at times leaves a lot to be desired. This is as a result of the many service providers who masquerade as civil society organisations, yet they are for profit purposes. The network puts in place an independent committee to vet, verify and recommend for certification of civil society organisations.

All the mandated core activities have been pursued by the forum over the last 10 years. The proposed framework guidelines in the development concept serve to strengthen the Forum in all its activities. It is expected that the past tendencies by CSOs to act variously and independently of one another in areas of development shall be addressed through development of collective consensus positions. And that a united and strong CSO fraternity shall be built capable of not only enhancing policy but contributing to the conception, formulation, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluating policy at all levels. That is to say micro and macro CSOs shall become partners of reckon in the areas of development.

The Mukono District NGO Forum is committed to the development and strengthening frameworks that allow for concrete contribution of NGOs + CBOs as a CSOs sector to the development of Mukono District.


The Mukono District NGO Forum engages in the following activities.

  • Carries out surveys of Civil Society Organizations in Mukono District. CSOs mapping (specifically in functional and non functional fields).
  • Participates in a number of National, regional and international level workshops.
  •  Organizational development and review of partners by development consultants.
  • Poverty Status Report Analysis, Dissemination and sharing.
  • Land policy Development process.
  • Developing a Multi-Sectoral Local Government performance review mechanism.
  • Engages District Local Government on CSO representation on, any other development body by civil Society Organizations.
  • Attends the Mukono District Council meetings.
  • Holds advocacy and engagement meetings and discussions with the District Council on issues concerning CSO space in the District Development process.
  • Engages in environmental conservation Advocacy.
  • Participates in the formulation, lobbying and policy formulation in all Development processes.
  • Participates in the National and District Integrated Monitoring and Evaluation Strategies. (By Local Government and other Development Partners Programmes.
  • Carries out Advocacy and Engagement meetings with all stakeholders.

Thematic Groups of the forum.

  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Health
  • Human Rights and Good Governance
  • Water and sanitation
  • Gender and Women
  • People with Disabilities
  • Micro-finance
  • Research, IT and Documentation
  • Children and youth Affairs.
  • Education and literacy
  • The Elderly.
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